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BEI supported Black-led-and-serving organizations in
Los Angeles (13) and the Inland Empire (2).

Their work addressed systemic racism in:




criminal justice

workforce development

The BEI’s theory of change is centered in the belief that progress on Black equity and racial justice must be part of any forward movement in the United States, and will only be achieved when philanthropic investments, public policies, and institutional practices boldly confront racial injustice. As the Initiative sunsets in 2021, its replacement—The Black Equity Collective—is building upon the BEI’s unwavering foundation of racial justice for Black people.

The Black Equity Collective’s mission is to join funders and communities as partners in strengthening the long-term sustainability of Black-led and Black-empowering organizations in Southern California.
about us
The Black Equity Collective (Collective) is a community-public-private partnership with Black equity as its central, unifying force.
Our focus is to strengthen the long-term capacity and infrastructure of Black-led and Black-empowering social justice organizations in Southern California (Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire).

The Collective was born out of the Black Equity Initiative (BEI), an effort that began in 2017.

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  • Broker trust and relationships between public and private funders and Black-led social justice nonprofits to motivate and activate deeper investment in Black-led social change.

  • Raise money through a pooled fund and aligned giving to invest in the infrastructure building of Black-led social justice nonprofit organizations.

  • Convene and connect Black leaders across issue areas to foster and strengthen an interconnected ecosystem of Black talent, resources, and strategic partnerships.

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