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who we are
We are an ecosystem of funders and communities joined as partners in strengthening the long-term sustainability of Black-led and Black-empowering organizations in Southern California.

what the community
is saying

"We fully support and embrace 'Thriving While Black' as a fundamental civil right, and we are confident that the Black Equity Collective is the organization to shepherd that essential right into a new reality for the Black community."

-Bernadette Glenn, WHH Foundation

"There is nothing more exhilarating than to have the Black Equity Collective support and bring other Black leaders and Black-led organizations to learn, develop and grow our work in a space that celebrates our greatness."

-Charisse Bremond, President & CEO, Brotherhood Crusade

"The Collective has been a godsend and a necessity in expanding and building the capacity of Black-led organizations like Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (C.O.P.E.).

The Collective has provided us space to heal, be affirmed, to define ourselves, name ourselves, create and speak for ourselves."

-Rev. Samuel J. Casey

Executive Director, COPE

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