The Black Equity Collective is committed to creating an anti-racist governance structure to support and enhance its network of organizations working to dismantle systemic racism. By anti-racist, we mean that we will operate in a way that reinforces trust and removes obstacles that prevent Black-led and Black-empowering organizations from thriving together.
Our focus is strengthening the long-term capacity and infrastructure of Black-led and Black-empowering social justice organizations in Southern California (Los Angeles County and Inland Empire).

The Collective was born out of the Black Equity Initiative (BEI), an effort that began in 2017.

Executive committee

Zahirah Mann*
President & CEO
Slate Z


Dina Walker

President & CEO
BLU Education Foundation


John Dobard, Ph.D

Managing Director of Policy & Programs
Advancement Project California

IMG_3816 Dina-BLU.JPG

Tracy Dennis
Vice President,
Global Philanthropy 
P Morgan
Chase & Co.

Laura McGowan
Diversity in 


Karren Lane**
Program Director
The California
Wellness Project

Jonathan T. Reid_Head Shot.jpg

Jonathan T. Reid 

Senior Program Officer
LA84 Foundation

* Chair of the Black Equity Collective Executive Committee

** Vice Chair of the Black Equity Collective Executive Committee





Special thanks to our 2020 planning and design committee!

Kaci Patterson (on behalf of Black Equity Initiative)
Tamu Jones, The California Endowment
Alex Johnson, The California Wellness Foundation
Joseph Devall, Ballmer Group 
Karren Lane, Weingart Foundation 
Jai Phillips, California Community Foundation 
Kameron Green, Southern California Grantmakers 
Gloria Walton, SCOPE 
Jeffery Wallace, LeadersUp 
Gerri Lawrence, Community Coalition 
Felicia Jones, COPE 
Dina Walker, BLU Educational Foundation 
Dr. John Dobard, Advancement Project 
James Woodson, California Calls 
Lola Smallwood Cuevas, UCLA 
Raena Granberry, Los Angeles County Department
of Public Health 
Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, USC