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Network Engagement
The Black Equity Collective aims to convene and connect Black leaders across issue areas to foster and strengthen an interconnected ecosystem of Black talent, resources and strategic partnerships.
We offer a range  of programs for approved network members.

Our key objectives to network engagement include: (1) Cultivating Cultural Connection, (2) Building Collective Knowledge and
(3) Sharing Resources.
Cultivating Cultural Connection
Events and programs under the first pillar uplift the Black experience and are designed to inspire a feeling of community and fellowship amongst BEC members. 

  1. Kinfolk: A semi-annual cultural outing that centers on Black excellence and aims to build community amongst member organizations while creating intergenerational connections.​

  2. Leaders, Y’all Good?: A monthly virtual drop-in space that provides executive directors with a community and space to intentionally decompress through mindfulness activities, somatic exercises, trauma resolution movements, and therapeutic practices. This program is for leadership groups to build supportive partnerships and serve as a healing space that will provide the tools and resources to deepen executives' personal care journey.

Build Collective Knowledge
Programs include peer learning spaces, workshops, and training designed to expand knowledge on relevant, emerging, and timely topics. These learning opportunities exist for both Funders and our Black-led Organizations.

  1. Behind The Funding Veil (BTFV): A semi-annual event for member organizations to come "behind the veil" with Funders, philanthropic executives and government officials to learn about how to access private and public resources.

  2. Each One, Teach One: A quarterly program that uses a peer learning model to unearth wisdom and encourage leaders to share their ideas, practices, and perspectives with other members of the network. The goal is to empower BEC network members to see themselves and each other as knowledge keepers and experts in our work.

  3. Lunch and Learn: A quarterly series, that is free for network members and at-cost to the public. These gatherings consist of webinars, workshops and discussions related to nonprofit/business development, personal and professional finance, health and wellbeing, and more.

Black-Led Organization (BLO) Member Qualifications
Prospective and approved members of the Collective, must be:

  • Black-led (Black leaders are in a position of influence within the organization)

    • A plurality of the Board is Black, AND

    • Executive Director is Black, or the Executive Leadership/Organizational Lead is majority Black. ​

  • Black-empowering (not just Black-serving)

  • A 501(c)3 organization or fiscally sponsored by one

The organization demonstrates an institutional commitment to justice and liberation for Black people, evidenced by one or more of the following:

  • Developing a constituent base working to advance structural and systemic changes that improves the material conditions for Black life.

  • Embedding Black voice and the lived experiences of Black people as critical expertise that guides the fabric of the organization’s mission, vision, values, programs, and services, such that organizational stakeholders are intentional about developing both individual agency and community capacity to advocate for conditions that enable Black people to thrive.

  • Committed to the long-term sustainability of Black organizations working to end systemic racism.

Application Process
Membership is closed until further notice, but we anticipate re-opening in 2024. Organizations must complete all of the following steps in order to be considered for membership:
  1. Submit an Interest Form

  2. Schedule a 1:1 Interview with the Network Engagement team

  3. Sign a Community Agreement MOU

  4. Attend a membership onboarding meeting

There is NO COST for BLO member organizations to be part of the Collective.

To be added to our membership waitlist please email Miaya May,

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