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Evaluation and Learning

The Black Equity Collective is committed to joining Funders and communities as partners in strengthening the long-term sustainability of Black-led and Black-empowering organizations in Southern California. To understand our progress towards this mission, the BEC engages in collaborative evaluation with members of our network, Funders, and technical assistance partners to understand our impact and to build a field of philanthropy that operationalizes equity and affirms Black leadership. We value the voices of the Black community and actively engage feedback from our BLO members to further develop our grant programs, organizational resiliency tracks, and network engagement offerings. The BEC also partners with UpMetrics, an analytics platform for organizations seeking impact, to support our organization in collecting, analyzing, and sharing data to drive greater impact for the organizations and communities we serve. We look forward to sharing our learnings in the near future!

Data Workgroup


On July 28, 2022, the Black Equity Collective officially launched our data workgroup consisting of both Black-led organizational leaders and Funders. This was an exciting development for the Collective, as workgroup members were collaborating over several months to develop a new standard in the field for defining an effective organization, using the Principles for Black Equity. The goal of the workgroup is to develop metrics under each principle: Truth, Strength, Strategic Disruption and Love; and provide a tool for the philanthropic sector to center equity when evaluating organizational effectiveness for grant-making. The overall purpose of the data workgroup is to develop a rubric based on the Principles for Black Equity. We look forward to field testing the rubric with select organizations in the fall of 2023. If you are a Funder or intermediary organization that does regranting and you are interested in field testing the rubric, please contact Candice McKinnon, the Senior Leader of Evaluation and Learning, at

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