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The Black Equity Collective’s mission is to join funders and communities as partners in strengthening the long-term sustainability of Black-led and Black-empowering organizations in Southern California.
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The Black Equity Collective (Collective) is a network of funders and nonprofit leaders committed to investing in the long-term sustainability of Black-led organizations in Southern California (Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire). We transform the relationship between philanthropy and Black-led organizations for more equitable funding.
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  • Broker trust and relationships between public and private funders and Black-led social justice nonprofits to motivate and activate deeper investment in Black-led social change.

  • Raise money through a pooled fund and aligned giving to invest in the infrastructure building of Black-led social justice nonprofit organizations.

  • Convene and connect Black leaders across issue areas to foster and strengthen an interconnected ecosystem of Black talent, resources, and strategic partnerships.

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